Monday, April 20, 2009

Backstage with Bajofondo.

I've been to thousands of backstage after-shows of all types of music but I've never seen anything like this.
Last night Bajofondo gave the last show of their Mar Dulce Tour in San Francisco. As usual, their live performance was mind-blowing, unbelievable. So much energy, so much emotions! But you know, they are putting a show, they are performing, they are getting paid for it, so you as part of the audience can't really tell if they are actually that cool or they're just pretending.
Well, last night I was appointed to do an interview with Bajofondo's leader and multiple-Grammy-and-Oscars-winner Gustavo Santaolalla after their show and that was almost an impossible task. Right in the middle of an answer to my question the other members of the band started chanting like soccer hoolingans and Gustavo join them right after.
The results can be appreciated in this video I took with my photo camera, so expect low quality image and sound, but I think it's still quite compelling. There you can really appreciate the spirit and the actual energy of this people when they are not in front of a crowd, they are just having fun and enjoying what they do the best, great fucking music!
Now I've been a huge fan of Gotan Project since their very beginnings and I even contributed with their second album, Lunático, hooking them up with Koxmoz for that amazing collaboration "Mi Confesión". I've been to plenty of Gotan shows and I've also been backstage with them, and I've never seen anything comparable to this. When Gustavo and the gang started chanting "Gotan you make me laugh, I went to see your show and it seemed like mass" I instantly converted to a Bajofondo fan. Watch this video and convert you too.

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