Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Yesterday was stoner's national day and even though I do not consider myself a stoner, I celebrated it going to a Cypress Hill concert.
Now I've never been a fan of Cypress, I barely like a couple of tracks from their first two records and that's it, but I've seen them live 5 times already. In fact my debut as a hip-hop journalist was interviewing their percussionist Eric Bobo back in Buenos Aires in 1996. I interviewed their percussionist, instead of the MC's or DJ, because he also happened to be the Beastie Boys percussionist during their Ill Communication era.
Last night's show started with a performance by their allys Pscycho Realm which was just average but I've never seen them before so it was cool. Cypress' show was the same stoner-pleasing show they been doing for the past 15 years minus the inflatable Buda, the huge bong and DJ Muggs. Yup, they didn't have DJ Muggs. Total bummer. In his place they had some Mexican guy name Julio who told us backstage that he was Cypress DJ before Muggs. Whatever, I like Muggs, specially his side projects like the one with GZA.
So after the mediocre Cypress show we went to a bar where Eric Bobo was doing a promotional record release party for his solo album, Meeting of the Minds, which came out a couple of months ago through Nacional Records! I don't know why or how it happened because I usually review all Nacional Records releases on this blog, but I skipped that one. It has a neo-cumbia track with Toy Selectah on it and I've been playing it for a while, but I haven't listened to the rest of the album yet and after his incredible show last night I really want to! (Let's see if my Nacional friends read this and send me a copy...)
Anyway, I don't think his album can match the excitement of his live performance from last night where he improvised an amazing set with Beat Junkies and The Visionaries, DJ Rhettmatic. WOW! They'd be doing back and forth call and responce between scratch and percussion and then they did a mind blowing syncronized routine with Rhettmatic doing backspin with the intro of "Apache" by Sugar Hill Gang. I wish I had my camera and I got that on video. My friend did, I'll see if I can get her to share with us and post it here. Happy belated 420 to y'all!

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