Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Linyerismo Mixtape by DJ Juan Data-FREE

So, here it is, ladies and gentlemen, my first mixtape of 2009: Linyerismo!!! For all of you who got my two previous neo-cumbia mixes -Cumbia Mestiza Volumes 1 and 2- this is a complete different deal. I'm not mixings songs as much as breaks on this one, combining cumbia breaks with hip-hop breaks and plenty of other broken musical garbage. That's what Linyerismo is all about. In Argentinian old-school slang a linyera is someone who picks through other people's trash in search for usable stuff and that's was basically the idea behind this mix, to put together a messy sound collage of little bits and pieces from cumbia music, the sound equivalent to the linyera's shopping cart.
Enjoy this 30 minutes of recycled musical juxtaposition and have fun trying to recognize the original songs, some are more evident than others. Among the mix you'll find lots of Toy Selectah and Sonidero Nacional remixes, obviously, along with plenty of Zizek artists (like El Hijo de la Cumbia, El Remolón, Frikstailers, Marcelo Fabián, Fauna and others), some Nacional Records artists (like DJ Bitman, Bomba Estéreo, Pacha Massive, M.I.S.), and some Bersa Discos artists (DJ Negro, DJ Panik) plus many other neo-cumbieros from around the world mixed in with some South American hip-hop like Koxmoz and DJ Raff.
Thanks to all those record labels for putting out so much amazing new music and for all those artists who shared their music with me freely. Support the artists you like by buying legal downloads bitches!
Also, very special thanks to Gabe who hated the music but still donated his valuable time and talent for the amazing graphic design of the cover. Long live La Turma Producciones!

Download Linyerismo FREE Here.

Linyerismo Mix MP3 - DJ Juan Data

PS: Make room in your hard-drive for Linyerismo Vol.2 coming up soon!

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