Monday, January 12, 2009

PALENKE SOULTRIBE-Oro (Palenke Soultribe 2009)

Isn’t it great to start the year like this? The first CD I got on the mail in 2009 is from my LA friends Palenke Soultribe. This must be a good sign!
I talked about them here before because I’ve been consistently playing a couple of the tracks from their 2007 release Tropic N’ Heaven. I guess you’ll be reading a lot more from them in the future because this new release has many more excellent tracks that will go instantly in high rotation in my sets.
Dance music producers aren’t usually very skilled at song composing, they obviously focus more in the constant search for the perfect beat and they have the DJ in mind when recording a new track, not the average listeners. Well for Oro, this Colombian techno-house aficionados decided to make songs instead of tracks and the results are pretty amazing. I think it helps that they have plenty of experience playing in bands of other music styles like punk rock and shit. It also helps that they are pretty well connected in the scene and they were able to invite a whole lot of talented guests without whom this album would’ve been impossible. Among the many guest they have Kinky’s bass player Cesar Pliego in two songs and all the way from Miami, Locos Por Juana, the ONLY band ever to answer back to one of my hateful reviews on this blog. Good for them, they have balls. And they can also make good songs, as the one included in this CD which happens to by one of the best. The only thing missing in an album name Oro so full of guests is a remix by neo-cumbia mastermind Oro11, right?
Anyway, Oro is the first part of an album-trilogy. The other two are going to be Mar and Sangre. If Oro is closer to the shiny pop, Mar will be the relaxing chillout of downtempo electronica and Sangre will throw us straight into the dancefloor with DJ oriented bouncy tracks. For all of you who haven’t got it yet, yellow, blue and red are the colors of the Colombian flag. Yes, like the French movie trilogy Bleu, Blanc, Rouge. Pretty cool, huh?

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