Thursday, January 22, 2009

FRIKSTAILERS-Baile Frik (Revolt Into Style, '09)

I'm pretty sure I mentioned these guys before here and if I didn't I apologize for my negligence. I first found out about them when they came to SF last year during the first Zizek Tour, actually only one of them came in representation of the group because of problems with the visas. I met him after the show and he gave me a couple of demos. One of their songs, "Onda Miercolera" was a great electro-cumbia and I mixed it into one of my early neo-cumbia sets. Later on that same track was included in Zizek's breakthrough compilation Cumbia Digital Vol. 1 (I can't wait for a Vol. 2!).
Now, even though they came as part of the Zizek collective, Frikstailers are not specifically neo-cumbieros because they incorporate a much more extended palette of eclectic sounds and go way beyond the remixed cumbia. On this track here, for example, they play around with a favela funk rhythm and the results are pretty amazing. "Baile Frik" is the title track from their debut EP, released in vinyl (for all you true DJ's out there) by a new record label based in England along with a handful of other tracks and remixes equally impressive. An older version of "Baile Frik" was included in their self-released demo so you probably think that you don't need to download this one because you already have it. Wrong, this is the mastered version and it sounds way better.
Anyhow, the guys from Revolt Into Style are selling the digital EP through Juno and they were so cool that they gave us this link for all you to download the main track for free, so if you like it, go ahead and buy the rest of them or pick up the 12" vinyl which artwork is fucking lovely. Stay tuned because for the future this new British label is promising a release by neo-cumbia's ambassador Marcelo Fabian!

"Baile Frik"- Download Here.

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