Friday, December 12, 2008

CALLE 13 – Los De Atrás Vienen Conmigo (Sony BMG)

I’ve been away from hip-hop for a while, I grew up I guess, because I find it more and more childish every time. However, I still love battle rhymes. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s that testosteronic 18 years old Neanderthal we all carry inside, but whenever I hear an MC dissin’ another MC on a lyric I can’t help it, I have to pay full attention to the verses, syllable by syllable and I find infinite delight on every punch-line. It’s like watching a street fight, you can’t just look away and pretend everything is cool, you wanna see blood, pieces of teeth bouncing on the sidewalk and all that morbid shit. So even if one day –I really doubt it but it might happen- I stop listening to rap music all together and I decide to erase all that crap from my hard-drive to make more room for more “mature” music, I’m pretty sure I’ll still keep my top-eleven favorite diss rap songs. Among them you’ll definitely have Nas’ “Ether” and Canibus' “Second Round K.O.” but there will be a few in Spanish too, like Antipátikoz’ “Así”, Sindicato Argentino del Hip Hop’s “Piénsalo” (which disses ME!) and most probably Calle 13’s “Que Lloren”.
All the rest of the album is great Calle 13’s usual greatness with no filler but that song in particular, I had to listen to back-to-back for a whole afternoon. It represents what we all feel about 99% of the wacky reggaetón scene: they are a bunch of undereducated posers manipulated by record label execs claiming they are from the ghetto while dressing in designer jeans and getting their eyebrows done. Residente is one of the wisest wordsmiths in the rap game and he is the ideal candidate to take on this battle against the reggaetoneros. So every punch he delivers on every verse I feel like shouting “yeah! fuckers you got it coming!” while I, myself, punch my pillow imagining it’s Daddy Yankee’s face.

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