Tuesday, July 29, 2008

PLASTILINA MOSH-All you need is mosh* (Nacional Records, '08)

At the end of my recent Pinker Tones review I said I wished there were more artists like them so I could write more positive reviews. Apparently Our Lord All Mighty Tomás Cookman of Nacional Records heard my prayers and sent me down this new release by Plastilina Mosh!
Now let me tell you, I'm very well known for disliking 99% of the music produced in Mexico but whenever I find an exception to that rule I fall crazy in love with it. It happened with Kinky's debut album, with Ely Guerra's Lotofire (still in my top ten of best Spanish-speaking albums ever) and it happens every time I find a new remix by Sonidero Nacional (can't wait for their album to come out!). Now I just put this Plastilina Mosh on my CD player and I couldn't even wait to the end of the album to write a review. Just listened to the first five songs and I knew it, it was like love at first sight, and that doesn't happen very often, specially when we are talking about Latin music.
I remember when these Monterrey (why most of the cool Mexican music comes out of this town?) duo came out in the mid-nineties, my first impression was "Argh! Why do they let this people rap?" Because, of course, at that time I was a hardcore hip-hop purist and pretty much dissed everybody who tried to rhyme to the beat without showing props to the four elements. But still, I accepted an invitation to interview them personally on their first visit to Argentina and we had a great time talking about cult movies at the hotel lobby. I suggested they should watch some Coca Sarli flicks, the bizarre sex-symbol of our local sexploitation cinema and they promised to do so. Almost ten years later I ran into them in the backstage of some show in California and of course they didn't recognize me but I asked them if they had any good memories of that first trip to Buenos Aires and they both said: "Coca Sarli!"
True story.
Anyway, I'm gonna go ahead and listen to the second half of the album now, I hear Adrián Dárgelos from Babasónicos is on it! That HAS to be good. And you, if you like The Pinker Tones (duh! how can anybody not like them?!) and/or Mexican Institute of Sound, don't miss out on the pioneers of this latin-hipster-hop-
techno-rock-collage-whatever-you-want-to-call-it. Mr. P.Mosh did it first!

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