Thursday, June 5, 2008

WISIN & YANDEL – Los Extraterrestres, Otra Dimensión (Machete Records, ‘08)

Having read my previous reggaetón reviews, you probably expect me to hate on these guys because their music is so horribly commercial, or because their lyrics are unoriginal and -god forbid- sexist, or just because it’s so obvious that they are repressed closeted homosexuals.
However, I have to admit, that even when I agree with all those statements, I also know that when it’s that time of the night when you must get the people to dance, the easiest way around to make that happen is... by dropping “Sexy Movimiento”. Yes, this season’s song that we all love to hate but we can’t stop dancing to.
I got a lot of hate a few years ago when I said that “Gasolina” was one of the best ten songs of the year because, even though I preached that nobody in his right mind can really “like” reggaeton, I also happen to LOVE dancing to it, (or shall I say, embarrassing myself while trying to dance to it) and “Gasolina” made me -and still makes me- dance my ass off. There, I said it.
So you can hate all you want, but if you love dancing without paying attention to the lyrics or you're spinning at a party and last-call is coming up and you still haven’t been able to pack the dance floor, this album (or actually that track, since the rest is mostly forgettable crap) is all you need. In this extended version it comes with a second CD with remixes (one with Nelly Furtado guest starring on... guess which song?) and an extra DVD with all those videos full of unbelievably hot mamis that you just can’t stop watching.

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Cyber Chapina said...

I'm with you on the can't help but dance to it but don't want to admit I listen tip. Don't tell anyone.