Tuesday, June 17, 2008

THE PINKER TONES-Wild Animals (Nacional Records, '08)

I said it over two years ago, in some other blog, I envy Nacional Records for having signed the coolest band in the world: The Pinker Tones. (I'm also grateful to them for doing so, otherwise I would've never "discover" them). But the first thing I thought when I listened to The Million Colour Revolution for the first time was "fuck! I wish I found these guys first and I signed them to my label," followed by the obvious, "damn, I wish I had a record label."
The thing is, The Pinker Tones are the best thing ever to come out of Spain since Zapato Veloz. Just kidding. The best thing ever, period. And if you expect me to explain why, well, that means you probably need a lot of catch up to do with your Latin music, huh? Go do your homework, try to find another artist who can DJ like this and minutes later play acoustic sets like that (and do it as well in Spanish as in English, or French, or German, or Portuguese...).
Wild Animals is the third CD of the Barcelona duo available in the US, if you count the compilation of remixes More Colours! published last year. It's probably not as surprisingly amazing as their first one because, well, now we know what to expect. But still, they make me wish that there were more artists like them around to review their CD's and more labels like Nacional to send me cool free stuff. Then my blog wouldn't be so bitter...

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