Monday, June 16, 2008

LOCOS POR JUANA- La Verdad (Machete Records, '08)

I really wanted to like this one. I met these guys a couple of years ago and they were very nice. I just got this CD on the mail and the first thing I notice was that Toy Selectah (former Control Machete) was doing some production, and if you read more than two of my previous reviews, you know that I pretty much love Toy's productions. So I was like, yeah! They finally sent me something decent to listen to!
I played it and the intro was awesome. Really cool cumbia-dub beat. Great! I couldn't wait for the rest. But then they started signing, and automatically I started skipping the tracks one by one, trying to find some more of that cumbia-dub sound but I was quite disappointed. All I found was ultra-clichéd Latin reggae with corny lyrics and something like a salsa fusion that may be cool if you are a bar-band in Miami, FL. but it's tacky almost everywhere else. Then they start rapping and well... we all know what happens when Miami people try to rap! Go ahead, turn on MTV at any given time this summer. You'll see.
In the end, only one of the tracks is produced by Toy and it's not even the best track in the album. The rest is not bad if you're into that type of music, but it's definitely not my cup of tea. I'm just keeping the intro and one more of the up-tempo songs to possibly spin at the parties. Sorry guys. I really tried!


cris said...

i disagree with Dj data this is a Great cd i imagine that you know about Cumbia since you a Dj This is a Very Cumbia oriented cd But That Your opinion the Whole Mix of Cultures make this Happen and is Truly Great
Iam a Writter for Rolling Stone This Album is Goin to be A Clasic

This Life is About Colors people like
Different Things

Much Love and i Recomende
LocoporJuana new Cd

Don Juan de Bouchard said...
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imjust said...

Everyone should check out
Most of the members were in LPJ and you will notice the catchy horn lines and Latin American/Caribbean Reggae blend that gave LPJ its signature in its hay-day.

LPJ is no longer what it was unfortunately. They've gone into a more DJset/electro/cumbia vibe called AfroKumbe. Seems like a rip-off of ElectroKumbé Sound System from Colombia. No real mix of cultures either. Overpowering Colombian Cumbia all the way.

Juan Data said...

Are you the same moron who said this album would become a classic?! Yeah right! Dude, the best thing they did was getting rid of the salsa bar band and play electro-afro cumbia instead. You have no idea what you're saying.