Thursday, June 5, 2008

EDUARDO MATEO – Remezclación (Jondor, 2007)

If you, like me, recently realized that there was way too much cool music coming out of Uruguay, of all places, and started wondering how come we never heard of cool Uruguayan music in the past, then you probably never heard of this guy called Eduardo Mateo. I know I didn’t.
How did this happen? How did such a genius managed to stay unnoticed? People say he was ahead of his time and only a few understood him while he was alive. Yeah, he died in 1990! Dude, we’ve been all missing out, big time. This guy was the shit! I mean, well, not exactly THE shit, but he was really good.
And now, 18 years after his death, his music comes back thanks to the cut-and-paste skills of some amazing young electronica producers, most of them unknown and they make Eduardo sound like he really is the shit. So thanks to this remixes I discovered a great composer I wasn’t aware of and I was able to understand why there is so much cool music coming out of Uruguay... because apparently there always was, we just weren’t playing attention.
This is so far, the best album I reviewed in 2008. And if you, like me, think that Bocanada was the best album of Gustavo Cerati (and it is still one of the top ten all time records of rock en español) then you’ll love this too. Unfortunately you can’t buy it outside of Uruguay... yet.

PS: Thank you Selectorchico for sending it and Goma for bringing it.


Pablo said...

Regarding more cool music from Uruguay:
Check a band called "Chicas Japonesas". They have 4 songs on My space and they were free to download a couple of months ago.
They are actually 2 guys in their 40's, very talented songwriters. I was very pleasantly surprised with their sound and professionalism.
I think you'll love the song "Sushi", I loved "Trayectoria".
There's a lot of Eduardo Mateo and Bajofondo in their sound, Enjoy!

Pablo said...

Regarding more cool music from Uruguay:
Check out a couple of very talented songwriters that go by the name of "Chicas Japonesas"(make whatever you want of that). They are a couple of very talented songwiters not really young looking but very original.
They have 4 songs on their My Space web page and they were free to download the last time that I visited.
I think you'll love "Sushi", I loved "Trayectoria". Enjoy!
Thanks for your insights and comments