Thursday, May 1, 2008

RUPA & THE APRIL FISHES–Extraordinary Rendition (Cumbancha, ’08)

I could start by saying that I fell instantly in love with Rupa's music the first time I saw her playing at a little bar in San Francisco two years ago. I could also try to describe to you the unique mix of global traditional music genres The April Fishes play by enumerating influences such as Gypsy, cabaret, Middle-Eastern, tango or even try to come up with a fancy label like “Mediterranean Fusion”. I could focus on the stunning beauty of this Californian woman of Indian descent who grew up in France and speaks (and sings in) four languages.
But I can’t get over the fact that she is a full time doctor who moonlights as a singer which gives her like some sort of super-heroine double identity mystique... Oh wow, I should totally write a screenplay about it, that’d be a great idea for an Almódovar movie, he loves doctors and strong female central characters. And did I mention she’s beautiful? Yeah, I did, ok anyway, I’m off to writing the script where she’ll fall in love with a patient who's an undercover fan and looks just like me. Meanwhile, you buy this album and if you live anywhere near the Bay Area, do yourself a favor and go see them live.

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