Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NORTEC – Tijuana Sound Machine (Nacional Records, ’08)

You have to give some extra credit to the guys at Nortec. They have based their whole careers in the probably unattainable challenge of trying to make cool music while sampling from the most horrible annoying music that there is in this world. I mean, these guys have it really really hard!
One thing is to match electronic four-by-four beats to adorable bossa nova, sophisticated tango, soulful flamenco or even catchy cumbia, another completely different thing is to try mixing techno with Mexican polka!
I’ve been following from close almost every Nortec releases since 2001 and they usually bore me after the second listen. With a couple of exceptions (like “Tengo La Voz”) I haven’t been able to blend their songs into my sets, but I don’t think the norteño factor is here to blame, I think it’s more about their insistence in groove-less minimalist techno.
Anyway, I had this new release by Bostich and Fussible playing on a loop for two continuous days at work and I enjoy it so much (as background music only, there are no dance-floor tracks here) that it almost doesn’t remind me anymore of the unlistenable noise Mexican painters play on their radios while they work. Good enough.

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