Tuesday, April 29, 2008

MJ – Mi Sentimiento (Machete Records, ’08)

I really hate the idea of this blog turning into an I-hate-every-single-release-from-
Machete-Records blog. I mean, I was infatuated with the original idea of Machete Records, and I remember thinking, wow, finally somebody (Toy Machete) with good music taste, knowledge and experience is filling that spot that has been historically vacant in the Latin music subsidiaries of the corporate record labels in the US.
Then, unexpectedly, Machete unleashed this avalanche of clones like this MJ guy (no, he's not the Puerto Rican Michael Jackson) that try to look tough in the pictures but when you play the CD they all start by thanking God and move on to singing predictable love songs over redundant reggaetón beats. Songs that, by the way, they don’t even write themselves, thus, turning what was supposed to be an “urban” music style into a mass-produced laboratory bubblegum pop for virgin teenagers.
I was only able to listen to this album until the beginning of track six and before I was forced to remove it from the CD player I got to hear a decent dance floor filler (“Bésame”) and another song so ridiculous that when he tries to rap he rhymes with the word “sola” five times in five verses (and does this twice along the song). Then the bachata “Si no es amor” kicked in and I had to stop it before I embarrassed myself in front of my coworkers and the workplace janitor.

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