Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ZZK SOUND Vol. 1 - Cumbia Digital (ZZK Records, '08)

In my previous post I talked more than enough about Zizek and the neo-cumbia phenomenon coming out from Buenos Aires Underground to the world. Now you probably read the story and wanted to listen to more of this Argentine new music trend, well so far this is the only official release available in CD format (because all you DJ's can pick up the Bersa Discos vinyl at
Cumbia Digital is a compilation put together by the same people that promote the famous nightclub and it has a comprehensive variety of all the different styles of neo-cumbia from the minimalist-techno-cumbia of El Remolón, King Coya and Axel K Soundsystem to the cumbia-rap of Fauna, Fantasma, Princesa and Maestro Shao to the super freaky stuff of Dead Menems (great name, by the way!).
Now, in general, none of these artists seem to be trying to come out with dance floor hits, yes there are some catchy rhythms (provided by Chancha Via Circuito, and El Hijo de la Cumbia) and even catchy sing-along hooks (Princesa), but nothing compared to the irresistible guaranteed-dance-floor-packers of Mexican neo-cumbia (cumbow?) masters Sonidero Nacional and Sistema Local. So, even though I love this CD, and I fully endorse it, and I have been listening to it four times a day for the past four days, and I'll include many of this songs in my DJ set, I still consider Up, Bustle & Out's Mexican Sessions to be the best album of, and mandatory entrance to this hybrid bastard new sub-genre.
Buy it here. (and since you're there, don't forget to download the FREE mixtape by cumbia-mash-up super DJ Villa Diamante)


Luispower said...

Let me get this straight... i live in argentina and didn't listen to any of this bands.
Cumbia isn't one of the sounds i like, but if you want to listen to real Argentinian cumbia you should try: Amar Azul, Grupo Red, Volcan, Comanche, Peluche, Ráfaga (some melodic cumbia). And the newest: Banda XXI, La Base, Nestor en Bloke, Damas gratis, and many many more... this is more of what we call cumbia villera.
Well... i hope this helps someone...

zizek said...

the whole point here is, not real argentinean cumbia!

Sonido Franko said...

"hybrid bastard sub-genre" Juan I'm gonna have to steal that phrase from you someday.