Monday, March 3, 2008

MUSTAFA YODA & DJ MANUVERS - Imaquinar (Sudamétrica, '08)

Mustafa Yoda's new album is fucking amazing, great top-level lyricist's rap and perfect beats (by Chilean DJ Manuvers) and scratches (by Chilean DJ Raff). However you will probably not care at all about this because 1) he's from Argentina and nobody believes in argentine hip-hop, not even in this, his most believable character; 2) his verses are full of wisdom and smart rhymes on incredibly twisted metric structures with zero party-bling-bling-shake-what-yo'-mama-gave-you lyrics; 3) he has absolutely no mainstream crossover appeal and he doesn't even try to, he's more than comfortable preaching to the choir of his hardcore b-boy freestyling followers; 4) he flows over dope ass tight beats that resemble New York's rap (from Wu-Tang to Def Jux) and have no dancefloor-oriented catchy melodies nor fusion with foreign genres (a must for Spanish-speaking MC's who want to be heard by Anglo listeners); 5) he doesn't have any hooks sung by Julieta Venegas, like EVERYBODY fucking else; 6) if you are not super fluent with your Spanish, you won't be able to appreciate his greatness; 7) if you are not a true hip-hop head, you won't like this, this is not Orishas, 8) and even if you do want to listen to this incredible CD you'll have to fly down to Buenos Aires to get it (or you can download the mixtape here). So why did I bother writing a review about it? Because I fucking love this shit man! And you should too, suckers!

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Sebastian said...

i should buy it. no tengo la excusa que no lo puedo encontrar o que no llega, porque la tienda de ropa conde compro casi todo lo que uso tiene como 20 copias de este.