Monday, February 4, 2008

MDO –Sabe A Ti (Machete Music, 08)

I don’t listen to romantic-Spanish-pop radio (obviously) and I know little to nothing about this kind of music, so when I received this CD on the mail I didn’t really know what to expect from it. It came from Machete, a label mostly known for putting out reggaetón artists. The name of the group reminded me of the good old times when all hard-core punk bands used to have three-initial names with witty-funny-revoluctionary meanings but it was very suspicious the fact that the explanation for the acronym was nowhere to be found in the booklet. I looked at the pictures and the credits and I still couldn’t figure out what type of music would they play. I mean, I knew it was going to be super cheesy and bad, you can tell that right away when you notice that every song has a different writer/composer, an instant red flag that separates tv-talent-show-producer-made-ready-for-radio-stars from the rest.
Still, I somehow gathered the guts to play this at work, before everybody else arrived, just in case. It starts with a pop rock song in a Miguel Mateos style (you know, with a lot of oh-uh-oh filling the missing words in the chorus) that’s definitely 25 years too late. From there it's all downhill, one after an other, all Ricky-Martin-style-pop ballads with lyrics that rarely get too far from the I-love-you-I-love-you-I’m-in-love-with-you-I-miss-you-I-wanna-do-you-I-love-you formula (in it's most inspired moment, the lyrics of one song say something like "I'm here alone in my loneliness").
Who listens to this type of music besides teenage catholic school girls who haven’t yet brought home their first punk-rock or black boyfriend to piss off their parents? Oh yeah, under educated guys who use these songs to try to lure underage girls into their sack.
So finally, before I started writing the review, I went on-line and searched for some background info and discovered that actually MDO was Menudo and I’m like fuck! Had I known that from the get go, I would’ve skip this whole listening session and spare me the pain! People from the record labels please take note: you must put a warning on the cover of misleading CD’s like this one, you know, like you put those annoying stickers saying “includes this hit or that crap”, well in this case I suggest one that says "MDO does not mean, Minorías Desafiando Organización or Mundo Deforme Ortodoxo or Muerte De Onganía... it just means Menudo but we don't hold the rights to use the full name".


boebis said...

gay is not an insult...couldn't you use an other word for the tag? what a shame. As homophic as the stupid reggaeton or dancehall dumb-asses you criticize. surprising

Juan Data said...

Hold on a sec? Where the fuck did I ever use gay as an insult? You just made me read the whole review again and no. Never. I only used gay as a way to describe their music, target market and/or their possibly sexual persuasion. At no point I suggested there was anything wrong with being gay.

Boeb'is said...

Ok sorry if I misunderstood. I was not referring to this article but the whole "gay" label/tag on your blog. When I read the articles labeled "gay" on your blog it was all crap artists with negative articles about them (shakira, makano, el rookie, MDO). So I understood that "gay" was the label you used to describe those cheap musics. I hope I was wrong... and apologize if I was.

Boeb'is said...

I read all again with my poor English skills, and a bad habit to read and comment to fast and yes I should have shut up.

Juan Data said...

I worked as a DJ in many gay and lesbian oriented nightclubs (I recently DJd at two same-sex weddings!).
I have a playlist on my itunes called "gay music," it's not necessarily music done by gay people or talking about gay matters, it's mostly just crappy commercial disposable party bubblegum pop that gay people happen to enjoy dancing to. That's why I include that music under the gay label.
Regarding Shakira, for example, I love her and I like a lot of her older music, but that song in particular, Loba, was extremely gay, not for being bad, but because it seems tailor made for being played at a gay club. I played it many times in my DJ sets at this type of clubs and events with great response.