Wednesday, February 20, 2008

LATIN REGGAE - (Putumayo, '08)

Putumayo compilations usually deliver a nice balance of quality tunes from a wide variety of sources. They are ideal to discover new artists from other countries that otherwise would have a really hard time reaching the American audience (many years ago I discovered Mastretta thanks to another Putumayo Comp!). And they come in really cute packaging with lots of info which makes them more of a collectible item, not just eleven (just eleven?!) songs put together.
In this release they focus on, obviously, reggae music made by Spanish and Latin American musicians, some pretty well known like the Chileans Gondwana, the Argentineans Los Cafres and the Spaniards Macaco and my personal favorite, Amparanoia.
The only problem is that the compilation focuses too much on classic roots reggae and it's missing out big time in the most interesting varieties of reggae sub-genres like dub and dancehall, and what about the rich Brazilian reggae, and... where the fuck is Fidel Nadal?

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