Thursday, February 21, 2008

KARYME LOZANO, Prohibido (Machete Music, ’08)

Dear money-hungry record label executives, pay attention: a great way to make sure the critic will listen to the CD you just sent him right away is by including a picture of the female singer showing her boobs in the first page of the booklet.
When you are not familiar with the artist’s name (Karyme? What kind of chuntie drag-queen name is that?) and it comes from a label like Machete, formerly known for releasing mainly decent rap and reggaetón, recently known for releasing instantly forgettable garbage (read reviews below), you probably have a natural tendency to leave this CD unopened for a while on the pile of the unlisteneable crap you get on the mail weekly.
However, if you open it, just out of mere curiosity, and the first thing you see is a nice rack, then you can’t wait to play it, now you HAVE to find out what type of shit she delivers, you are willing to forgive her horrible name and the fact that she tries in vain to look like Frida in the pictures (Julieta Venegas can pretend to be Frida anytime because both Frida and Julieta are ugly looking, but this broad is way too hot –within Mexican standards- to resemble the most famous female painter in history), you’re even willing to ignore the fact that she’s a soap opera actress (nobody watches soap operas anyway).
So, yeah, I couldn’t help it and played it right away, thinking “oh well, once again I’m doomed to listen to some cheesy crap, why are boobs so powerful?!” and to my surprise, the album starts with a very interesting drum loop so I didn’t skip the first song after the first 30 seconds as I’d usually do. I let it play for the first four tracks... and it was actually pretty good! It even has a kick ass cumbiatón (cumbow?) beat that guarantees the insertion of this artists in my party playlist. The rest is typical romantic corny mainstream-radio pop with a Christian twist, but hey, the production on those first few tracks was pretty tight and those skin pics... I’m keeping this one! You see in the end, not watching Spanish-speaking TV pays off, had I known from the beginning who this person was, I'd never even consider listening to it once.

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