Saturday, February 9, 2008

EL ROOKIE – Semblante Urbano (Machete Music, ’08)

If you hate reggaetón, you probably hate it even more when instead of rapping they sing like Nelly. When they rap, at least, they sometimes have some witty rhymes (sometimes meaning: every time the one on the mic goes by the name of Residente). So you probably don’t give a shit about this Panamanian dude who, to makes things even worst is Christian, so his lyrics lack of any type of edge.
However, I found more than a couple of catchy tracks here, with production provided by the ubiquitous Luny Tunes (among others), especially when the mix goes beyond the classic reggaetonto and gets closer to soca and Jamaican dancehall (thank god, without that annoying vocoder imitation popularized by Akon). There are definitely some good dance floor fillers here, no unforgettable anthems though.

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