Tuesday, January 15, 2008

SIN ANIMO DE LUCRO - Master En Parranda (Machete Music, '07)

It took me like six months to gather the strength to listen to this album. I mean, look at what those guys are wearing! Are they serious? Do they really dress like that? Is it a like a joke? Are they trying to be ironic, posing like mannequins at an early-nineties-cheesy-bar-band-wardrobe -store? So, I finally decided not to judge the book by the cover and played the first 30 seconds of the first three songs and realized they were a Carlos Vives-meets-Maná combo, which I guess explains the strange ways they dress, well sort of...
Now the name of the band means "we have no intention of making profit" which confirms that this must be some kind of irony intent, because only guys trying too hard to make money dress like that to play music like this.

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