Tuesday, January 15, 2008

PACO – Urbano Latinoamericano (Perro Bravo Records, ‘06)

I can’t remember how long ago this CD made it to my mailbox, but I just ran into it recently and it still has the shrink-wrapping on. Well, guess what? It’s gonna stay like that! I’m not going to open it. I wouldn’t even sell it. I’d be embarrassed to bring this to the buyers counter at Amoeba. If you want it, come by, it’s yours! Sorry Paco, nothing personal against you, (you probably don’t even know that the real Paco was one of the members of rap in Spanish pioneers CPV). It’s just that the terrible graphic design, the title (urbano again!) and that corny ring in your finger scare the shit out of me me. Listen to it here... if you dare.

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