Tuesday, January 15, 2008

LA TEJA PRIDE – Efecto Dominó (Bizarro Records, ’07)

Back in the day all the rap coming out from Uruguay used to sound like a Chicano caricature. Not only they all rhymed with Cypress Hill flow, they also used Chicano slang, yes, all the way down in Uruguay! Now THAT was embarrassing. La Teja Pride come from those times but they grew up a lot and developed their very own style that goes way beyond the classic hip-hopper influences resulting in some very interesting experiments that the average orthodox b-boy most probably would not be able to fully appreciate. La Teja Pride still has some old-school inflexions in their flow and their lyrics are mostly social/politically conscious, no ego-tripping, no bullshit. However what I find the most interesting is their music, which can be appreciated a lot better in their instrumental tracks. Thankfully they have a lot of those and it’s there where you can find the widest range of sounds including Brazilian bossa nova and dub. La Teja Pride are still hip-hop, don’t confuse them with a rap-rock fusion, but fortunately, unlike most southamerican rappers, they do recognize the rock heritage of their region. Buy it here.

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